Inspiration from these weeks

I read this quote on R. Rohr’s Instagram account last week or so and it has accompanied me through these weeks of uncertainty in our larger and my smaller world.  More than anything right now I want to Trust!  Trust that God is holding us in the palm of God’s hand, that we don’t need violence and fear, that Love is truly the way out of all our mess and that God can turn the messiest of messes we create into a thing of beauty.

touch your face

I am trying to consciously look for God’s face all around me.  Its easy to see in nature, especially the natural world that has found a way to flourish amidst this city.  Easy still to see God’s face in my new friendly neighbors and doormen and dog people at the park.  But some things and situations do frighten me at this time when so much is different and new. I am frightened as well by the unrest, violence and hatred that seem to be everywhere.  For those moments I especially need this prayer…to remind myself that the truth is that it is God’s face that is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  Please join me in this prayer.