Of You…

There are times, days, weeks and even months, when I forget myself. I mistake myself for the weather whirling around, clouds, rain, storm as well as sunshine and breeze.

I forget that I am not the weather.

I forget I am the mountain.

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you may know mountain pose. It’s the pose that doesn’t feel like a pose because all you do is stand there, arms by your side. You can make it technical if you like, planting feet, rooting down, stacking joints, dropping shoulders, raising the crown of the head, but in the end you just stand still. Truth be told I would rather balance in crow, or on my head, anything but stand still. Mountain pose is these days my most challenging pose.

And yet I know that Mountain pose is my salvation. Stillness brings me back to myself. Stillness is where I allow God to find me. In Mountain pose I remember that I am not the whirling of emotions and circumstances around me. I am the awareness of all of that. I can be an observer of weather, of all that swirls around me.

It’s only in this stillness that I can begin to understand my true identity.

And it is in this stillness that I can begin to understand why the psalmist sings these words:

Of You my heart has spoken.

Mount Rainier…photo taken by a nearby resident.

On a clear day when I am lucky enough, it reveals itself.  I am always awed by its beauty.