Even the Sparrow

Sunday I woke up and got ready to go to church. I couldn’t rouse the girls. So I went off alone. As I walked through my building’s garage the phrase of a song played in my head…alone again, naturally. I sighed and then tried to shake it off…shook off the sadness, shook off the loneliness, shook off the blahs as best I could.

Once inside my little church I settled into my pew and began to breathe and sit in silence. The readings and hymns washed over me. The choir began to sing a new song and as I tried to sing along, I read these words:

Even the Sparrow finds shelter under the wings of the eagle…

Tears formed in my eyes as this truth sprang up from within…no, you are not alone. You are never alone.

I felt held and guarded and sheltered. It was then it arrived, Advent, a time for promises and the audacity of hope.

I couldn’t find the hymn we sang last weekend but I did find this one that I am sure is familiar to you…a beautiful old spiritual.



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2 responses to “Even the Sparrow

  1. Today I reread this again, you had me thinking about this all week. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the emotion in the sharing, or the emotion it wakes up in me thatI can’t make a decent reply. So I decided to wait and as usual life went on a downhill roll.

    I have 2 thoughts and I don’t know if this is where you were or not. I to find myself dealing with unmet expectations all the time. This is often via my children but occasionally my spouse. I hate that the burden is always on me to make my expectations known, but I have to admit it does make life easier. If I want them to be at an event I have to make an announcement…sigh. Christmas Mass comes to mind….

    And I am also comforted by the Sparrow song, I remember that I am going to feel alone often in this world because of this ongoing scenario of broken relationships; but I am not alone ever Christ is there But the burden is on me to see this. That is perhaps the grander message. Thank you friend.

  2. Yes, part of it for me is my challenge of accepting life as it comes, receiving whatever it is regardless of how I think it should be. But the bigger part is as you say remembering that in the end the only real thing, the only thing that matters is my union with the Divine One.

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