The sacrament of carpooling

This morning it is as they walk away from the car toward high school, my daughter and niece.  Their pony tails swaying side to side…the swoosh of their skirts…their heads leaning slightly into one another, that it strikes me…the incredible honor I have of driving them to school, of listening to their hopes and fears for the day, in between the morning chatter, of sharing something so simple and at the same time so profound.

Yestserday I began again a ritual that I have been participating in for over almost 20 years…the carpool.  Each school year presents itself with excitement and new challenges as I watch my kids grow and guide them along.  There are lots of responsibilities and tasks that accompany the school year but none that I have grown to love more than driving carpool.

Sure it can be super early and I need coffee to get the job done well but I have come to understand the true value and privilege of the time in the car with children/teens.  If you are lucky enough to be the only adult riding in the car with boys and girls you get to be a part of something pretty special.

There is intimacy in a car.  You are cocooned.  You and they are captive.  Anything can happen.  There have been great joys and great sorrows expressed in those precious moments.  Huge incites and simple smiles have been shared along with a prayer or two or three.

Its important to keep the radio low and ears open wide.  You might  hear a sigh or have to guard your ears against the cackle.  No matter which, know that these are sacramental moments.

This morning as they walk away I am humbled by this simple, sacred act, the giving over of ourselves to one another, our union, even if its just those few minutes on the car ride to school.

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