Inspiration from the week

I have heard this song a few times.  Apparently it is a song about addiction and the difficulties it causes in a relationship.  When I heard it, however, what came to mind was how each of us, no matter what our particular weakness, wants to be seen in the best light.  We want to be seen the way that God sees us, as beloved.  Its a theme that comes up in Scripture as well, this stepping into the light.  God asks Adam to come out from behind the foliage  and Jesus asks Nicodemus to step out of the shadows.  The Divine One calls us into our best light as a friend reminded me this week.  What we want more than anything is to be our truest self,  a blessing to those around us as Brandie Carlisle so beautifully sings.  Or, as Macrina Wiederkehr prays, “May I be the answer to someone’s prayer today.”

And this poem that reminds me that true joy comes from living in the now:

View #45

after Hokusai and Hiroshige

I dreamt half my life was spent
in wonder, and never suspected.

So immersed in the moment
I forgot I was ever there.

Red-tailed hawk turning
resistance into ecstasy.

The patrolmen joking with the drunk
whose butt seemed glued to the sidewalk.

A coral quince blossom in winter,
pink as a lover’s present.

And tilting my bamboo umbrella
against the warm slant

of rain, was I not a happy peasant
crossing the great bay on a bridge that began

who knows when, and will end
who knows when?

  — Thomas Centolella

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