It’s Christmas

I was just standing in line waiting for my turn to purchase some last minute Christmas gifts.  There was a young couple behind me.  I could hear their conversation.  It was mostly logistics, how the next few days would unfold.  In my own world I was already three errands ahead of myself.   Then for  no particular reason I was drawn to turn around and that’s when I saw that the young woman had a brand new baby cocooned into a baby carrier on her chest.
All I could see was the top of the baby’s head but that little glimpse took my breath away.  With that glimpse came a moment of grace…Here a divine messenger in the form of a two week old.  Within this brand new life lay promise and possibility..a new passage way for Love to enter the world.
And then there came a knowing.   And a quiet reverence came over me.  I felt like I was in that stable thousands of years ago–Emmanuel–God with us.   Because I couldn’t bow down in front of that infant and her mother in the middle of a bookstore in downtown San Francisco, I held my hand over her tiny head and smiled and told her mom how beautiful she was and wished them the very best.



With tears in my eyes I turned back to take my place in line.  I thanked God for that revelation, for reminding me of the secret hidden in plain sight.  For teaching me over and over again that even the smallest, most powerless among us can be a passage way for Love.  That was after all the option God had chosen.

How has God revealed Godself to you over the Christmas season

through something seemingly small?

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Seeker. Dreamer. Ordinary girl.

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