An Angel’s Words

We are the Generosity of God.  Nothing is missing!

A couple of days ago I was walking Tobi, listening on my ipod to a talk given by Jim Finley last year in New Mexico on the message of the mystics.  Much of what he said was inspiring and interesting but these words above struck me, resonating in a very deep place:

We are the generosity of God.  Nothing is missing.

In early fall in moments of quiet reflection I had begun to ask for an answer to a question that has long plagued me:  Am I enough?  I know its a girl’s question, not the question of a maturing woman and yet, this question has plagued me on and off for years.

The world has often told me I am not enough.  I have always had insignificant work and a small life.  I am just a mom; just a religious educator; just a yoga teacher…only teaching one class a week.  Overtime I have come to believe more in who I am not than in who I am.  I am not a writer, not an artist, not an accomplished entrepreneur, not a missionary, not saving the world.

But perhaps because I am a maturing woman, I have also grown “sick and tired of being sick and tired!”  In my depths I knew the world was wrong but I needed the Ultimate reassurance to once and for all begin to believe in something new.

It was with this background that I heard these words:  We are the generosity of God.  Nothing is missing!  Here was my answer…nothing is missing.  Not only am I enough, those around me are enough, my life is enough, this single, solitary moment is enough.

Are you, like me, not blinded by the light of this message?  Do you, like me, want to bury yourself in the comfort of this message?  Is not your heart, like mine, so filled with the joy of this message such that it spills over and you can’t help be share it with everyone around you?

Once again, repeat after me…We are the generosity of God.  Nothing is missing.

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One response to “An Angel’s Words

  1. Jeannine

    It reminds me that when I pray for strength and courage, for patience and wisdom …He brings it forth from within. Hard to believe I have it in me sometimes!

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